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Fathom As a 'Social Enterprise'

Fathom As a 'Social Enterprise'

Fathom Safety operates as a 'Social Enterprise'. So how does this differ from not-for-profit and why did we choose this model?

The fundamental difference between non-profits and social enterprises is the source of funding. Non-profits rely on public funding through donations. Social enterprises are businesses; they generate their own profit to keep themselves running.

Social enterprises also have a product or service that they sell to a consumer base that helps them in some way; whereas non-profits operate more directly with the social issue through areas like advocacy, direct aid, food relief, and empowerment.

Non-profit organizations and social enterprises are often grouped together- and for good reason! They both are efforts by organised groups of people to work towards the betterment of some social issue. Our singular aim is to improve pilot ladder safety and thereby protect the lives of pilots worldwide.

The money we generate from shipping companies and port authorities is directly reinvested into the business so we can improve our reach, improve our product and look to the future (VR, AI etc)

By being 'business minded' it ensures our product is the best it can be and thereby do 'the most good'.

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We’re proud to partner with leading companies inside and outside our industry to help bring our service to a wider audience.

European Union Regional Development Fund
Lundqvist Rederierna
PTR Holland BV
Nelson City Council