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Our story

Changing the narrative around pilot safety

With over 50 years of combined experience on all kinds of vessels, marine pilots Gary Clay and Andy Birley noticed a need for better training around pilot transfer arrangements.

"Gary has been in the maritime industry for over 30 years and a maritime pilot since 2001 ensuring the safe navigation and manoeuvring of vessels on the Humber Estuary in the UK. Gary is also Managing Director of Fathom Maritime a marine consultancy company specialising in port and vessel safety, accident investigation and marine simulation. He is also an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute and a global ambassador for CHIRP the Maritime & Aviation safety reporting body. With a passion for safety and education Gary firmly believes in the value of learning from human behaviours and never using blame but rather a just cultural approach."
- Gary Clay, Co-founder
"With over 20 years experience, having spent a successful career at sea on Container ships, Andy came ashore to the Humber and became a Tug Skipper in 2007. In 2012, he became a Marine Pilot with ABP. Throughout his pilotage career, Andy has been passionate about pilot safety. He is heavily involved in the Health and Safety of his pilot colleagues. His biggest driver is the belief that education of ships personnel in Pilot Transfer Arrangements is the largest way in which we can make the boarding and landing of pilots safer, and ultimately save lives."
- Andy Birley, Co-founder

Comprehensive training for all

We’ve reached breaking point

The maritime industry has changed dramatically over the last 100 years but the way pilots board vessels has not.

A combination of stretched crews, language barriers and inadequate training means pilot safety is often at risk. As more pilots refuse to put their lives in danger, more ships could face delays getting into port.

Our easy to access training service solves this problem by offering comprehensive education for everyone.

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Team profiles

Our Team

Fathom Safety was built by two people at the heart of the industry. Get in touch if you want to learn more about us and our story.

PTR Holland are industry renowned for producing the finest pilot ladders available. Fathom Safety share our vision and passion to make pilot transfers fully compliant to improve safety and ensure that every pilot goes home safe at the end of the day.

Joris J. Stuip

Our Partners

Who we work with

We’re proud to partner with leading companies inside and outside our industry to help bring our service to a wider audience.

European Union Regional Development Fund
Lundqvist Rederierna
PTR Holland BV
Nelson City Council
Flex LNG
Peterhead Port Authority
Belfast Harbour
Sperry Marine
Northrop Grumman