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Bridge Resource Management Under Pilotage

Pilotage resilience training

Be pilotage prepared

Pilotage is integral to safe and efficient marine transport. But it can go wrong. Just because the pilot knows the area, doesn’t mean they always make the right call.

Several high-profile incidents that occurred during pilotage have exposed a growing issue of bridge teams lacking the skills and confidence to challenge the actions of their pilot.

Our resilience course is designed to address that. After it your team will know how to communicate effectively, react to developing situations, and take action to prevent disaster.

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Immersive resilience training

The two day course involves immersive bridge simulation exercises that will empower you to deal with a variety of scenarios and is suitable for up to 8 people. Here’s what’s included.

  • Effective Master-Pilot Exchanges (MPX)
  • Exploring leadership styles
  • Power gradients in Pilotage
  • Challenge and response culture
  • Developing closed loop communicatio
  • Effective Pilotage bridge procedures

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